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Phone Lines and Calls

Simplify your billing with a single invoice for your phone line and your calls, and if anything ever goes wrong, there's just one support desk to call. No more being passed back and forth.
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Digital Telecoms

Get 21st century telecoms with an up-to-date digital phone system that offers advanced features to all sized businesses from small start-ups to large corporations.
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VoIP Phone Systems

Utilize Voice over IP (VoIP) phone technology in your business to bring a range of enterprise-grade features that are missing from traditional telecoms analogue systems.
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Leased Lines

By leasing a dedicated Ethernet circuit, you get more consistent speeds as you are no longer sharing bandwidth. Operating at peak capacity 24/7 provides a more reliable service for your customers.
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Internet Connectivity

Future-proof your business today and stop letting the speed of your internet prevent your business' growth. Upgrade from your current provider to a higher-speed, more secure line today!
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Business Mobile

Carden's Mobile Device Management grants the power of seamless workforce collaboration and file sharing from wherever your staff are without compromising your organization's security.

The Future of Business Communications Is Here Are You Ready?

VoIP phones feature Call Forwarding to Mobile, Conference Calling,
Auto-Attendant, Call Recording, Skype Integration and more!

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Why Choose VoIP?

VoIP Services from Carden provide both flexibility and reliability when compared to traditional phone systems. Enjoy better performance and a host of new features by switching to VoIP.

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Advanced Telecoms Features

With a VoIP system you benefit from a host of digital telecoms features like software integration and call forwarding to cell phones. Click to find out more about VoIP exclusive features from Carden.

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All Inclusive Billing

By unifying your communications infrastructure and getting your VoIP line and calls from Carden, you have a single regular monthly or quarterly bill for all your telecoms services.

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Unified Connectivity

By combining your cell, landlines and messaging into a single VoIP network from Carden, you ensure that your customer's needs are met and that your staff can collaborate from anywhere in the world.

Our Telecoms Services

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