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Why Move to Cloud Computing? 

Organizations expend huge amounts of money, time and effort installing and updating systems to keep their businesses running. Cloud computing provides a simple alternative, it is cost-effective and allows for flexibility in technology, adapting to the needs of a business as they change.

Scalable and Flexible

Don’t waste time installing expensive systems when you can utilize the flexibility of Carden IT Service’s very own cloud platforms. We can fit technology that suits your business needs and directly addresses challenges like remote working or unexpected market growth.
By using cloud services rather than in-house, it is much easier to scale your computing services up or down depending on your company’s needs.

Security and Disaster Protection

In the event of the unforeseen, so long as your staff have access to an internet connection, data is always available to them but not accessible by those outside your organization. This is especially useful for disaster recovery and emergency situations.
Cloud computing also boost collaboration, allowing team members to share data and files with each other from anywhere in the world.
With enterprise technologies evolving at a record speed there is little to be gained from investing in in-house solutions for all but the largest of businesses.