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Microsoft Azure

By migrating to cloud computing your organization can stay at the cutting edge of enterprise technology. No more worrying about upgrade cycles and end-of-life support.

With lower overheads and more scalability than on-site IT infrastructure cloud computing gives you the edge over the competitors.


By leveraging its network of data centres housed in over 100 locations worldwide, Microsoft offers Azure, an industry leading IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Users of Microsoft Azure access it through the internet and use it as a resource to perform a variety of tasks, such as:
Website Hosting.
Backing Up Data.
Deploying mobile and web applications.
Data analysis (with Azure’s inbuilt analytics).
Deploying software across a network.

Guiding You Through

The first step in your journey to a cloud-hosted environment will be to have us perform a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of your current IT infrastructure so that we can identify inefficiencies or gaps that could be remedied by moving to a cloud environment. If Microsoft Azure appears to be the best cloud solution for you, we can then:
Identify business-critical elements of your infrastructure.
Determine if you would be best served by a completely cloud environment or whether a partly cloud based system (know as a hybrid system) would be preferable.
Provide consultation and prepare your staff for the transition to a cloud-based workplace.

How You Benefit From Azure IaaS

Almost unlimited server capacity
Integration with popular Microsoft apps like Office365, Dynamics and SharePoint.
Lower latency.
Highly reliable service from an industry giant (Microsoft).
Advanced threat protection to keep your data safe.