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Public and Private Cloud Services

Cloud computing is an effective alternative to traditional on-site IT infrastructure. As it is highly scalable it is the ideal choice for companies that are still in the process of expanding as their cloud platform can grow with them.

Carden IT Services can help with both the planning and migration stage of your move to a cloud environment as well providing ongoing support after the move has been completed. There are several cloud solutions available to businesses and Carden IT can assist in choosing and implementing the best one for your company.

Why Choose A Public Cloud Service?

The option of a public cloud service is ideal for businesses looking to reduce their spending on IT infrastructure. Depending on your organization’s needs, using a shared public cloud on either a monthly subscription or consumption-based pricing model can dramatically reduce your IT costs. The advantages of Public Cloud Services include:

Scalable – your cloud use grows alongside your business.

Lower cost – as the hardware costs are shared between the platform’s users the cost is lower.

Billed monthly – No upfront cost, allowing you to spread your cloud investment over the lifetime of its use.

Automated data backups – performed by the cloud providers.

Why Choose A Private Cloud Service?

Certain businesses operate under a strict regulatory regime that prevents them using shared public clouds, while other organizations are large enough to warrant their own in-house solutions. The advantages of private cloud services include:

Total control:  Allows you to configure your own hardware, storage and networking preferences.

Improved performance – as the resources are not shared with other users.

More secure – private clouds are a “walled-garden” that can not be accessed by users outside your network.