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Cisco Umbrella – Ransomware Defense

Falling victim to ransomware can do serious damage to your company’s reputation, as well as significantly hindering your day-to-day activities – even stopping your ability to trade completely until it is removed.
Ransomware defense from Cisco Umbrella provides protection for your business through its IP layer and cloud-based DNS enforcement to block attacks before they ever reach your network. 

Why Is Cisco Umbrella The Best Ransomware Defense?

Stop ransomware infections before they occur

Ransomware attacks begin with a connection being established between the attacker’s IP address and your network. In order to remedy this, Cisco’s ransomware defense holds an expansive and regularly updated list of all known malicious IP addresses and automatically stops any attempt to connect to them.

This is performed at the DNS level, so the blocking occurs before the connection to your network is even made.
Prevent the theft of your sensitive data

In the event that a machine on your network does become compromised by ransomware, Cisco Ransomware Defense software will still block the connection to the malicious IP, so that even compromised machines will be unable to extract data from your systems or activate the ransomware’s encryption.
Cloud-Based Security

By utilizing the cloud, you can stay protected from the constantly changing threat matrix of online cybersecurity. As well as keeping a list of known malicious IPs, Cisco uses statistical models to identify suspicious but as yet unknown IP addresses. As your defense is cloud-based, threat information is shared between users so attacks blocked on one company will be blocked on all users of Cisco’s ransomware defense.
How Carden IT Services Can Help
Carden IT Services can assist in both installing and configuring Cisco Umbrella’s ransomware defense platform for you. In addition to blocking malicious IP addresses, it can be configured to block undesired IP’s, such as those related to nudity, terrorism or gambling.