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Mimecast Email Security

Poor email security can lead to breaches of data and ransomware and virus infections. This is turn can lead to both financial and reputational damage to your company.

Comprehensive email security is vital to the survival and success of any modern business. Carden IT Services offer email security packages which utilize technology from Mimecast, an advanced email security platform designed in party by Nathaniel Borenstein, who was the original creator of email attachments. 

Great features of Mimecast include:

Enterprise-grade spam filtering to prevent incoming spam

Prevents spam being sent from internal email.
Advanced antivirus automatically scans all incoming and outgoing attachments for suspected viruses.
Data encryption
Sandboxing: Attachments are first opened and tested in a cloud-based “sandbox” to check them for viruses before they ever reach your network.
Domain name validation protects against domain spoofing tactics which are often used in “spear-phishing” attacks.
Real-time threat analysis via Mimecast’s cloud platform.
Domain similarity protection which safeguards against attempts to impersonate your organization or its partners.
Unified cloud-based security portal through which you can manage email security for your entire organization.