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Mimecast Enterprise Information Archive

As a company grows, the amount of data it generates, and then needs to retain, grows with it. The ability to quickly and efficiently find information within their stored data is key to a modern company’s success.
Mimecast’s cloud-based information archive is the perfect solution for businesses looking to reduce the amount of information they store on-site, remain compliant with their sector’s relevant regulation and still have their entire email archive available to their workforce when they need it.

Why Is Mimecast Enterprise Information Archive Right For My Business?

Carden IT Services, a trusted partner of Mimecast, offers Mimecast Enterprise Information Archive, and can help to configure it for your business to benefit from all its advanced features, including;
The ability to integrate with popular mail clients such as Microsoft’s Outlook and Google’s G-Suite.

A “digital chain of custody” to comply with relevant data retention regulation.

24/7 access to your archive.

Industry leading security.

Unlimited storage.

Secure, indexed cloud archive.

Simplified compliance with data regulation such as the GDPR.

The ability to search your entire archive by recipient, sender, subject, date or attachment.

AES encryption.