Mimecast Sync & Recover - Office 365 Backup

Mimecast Sync and Recover - Office 365 Backup

There is often confusion around the distinction between an email backup and an email archive.
Although both are separate copies of your emails the distinction is in the purposes they were designed for.

A backup is designed to restore either a part, or the entirety, of your email data in the event that a recovery is needed (such as after a loss of data). An archive, however, is a repository of your emails that is designed to optimize the search and discovery of emails. Though appearing similar at first, they serve different needs and thus different systems and solutions are required for each.
If you already use Mimecast Archiver in your organization, Carden IT Services can supply and implement Mimecast Sync and Recover. This enables recovery of email data in circumstances where existing email data has become corrupted or been erroneously deleted.

With Mimecast Sync and Recover, data is recovered from a set point in time. Office 365 includes its own integrated backup, but this has proven insufficient and unreliable for many corporate users because;

Backups can easily be deleted from the network accidentally.

It offers insufficient protection for business running on hybrid environments that include internal servers as well as Microsoft’s cloud.

Ransomware can render Office 365’s backups useless.

Comprehensive Office 365 Data Protection

First-class businesses need first-class IT infrastructure and security to match. The features of the Mimecast Sync and Recover system include:
Daily snapshots of key Office 365 applications including; Outlook, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and Outlook Calendar.

Emails are stored in their original file and folder structure, this allows for instant recovery removes the time that would be wasted reorganizing files.

Advanced search capabilities.

Unlimited storage.

Secured through AES encryption.