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Trend Micro

The first step in establishing any company’s IT policy should be effectively securing its network against viruses. IT issues caused by viruses prove both inconvenient and time consuming to fix and can leave your network open to data breaches and the resulting business and reputational damage. In order to best protect their networks, we advise all our clients to utilize the comprehensive security features of Trend Micro Internet Security.

Trend Micro is an official partner of Carden IT. Trend regularly update their virus scanning architecture, meaning that your networks stay protected from not just currently known viruses but also the estimated 300 million new viruses that are discovered every year.

Trend Micro’s Features Include:

  • Preventing connections to malicious websites.
  • Blocks downloads of potential viruses.
  • Advanced firewall.
  • Built-in password manager (works with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices).
  • Comprehensive virus removal capability deleted potentially harmful files.
  • Repair procedure for corrupted system files.
  • Folder Shield tool protects chosen folders from external threats (including ransomware).
  • Incoming files are cross-refenced against Trend’s regularly updated database of known threats.
  • Blocks the installation of unauthorized applications.
  • Threat protection for social networks (including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn).