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Wireless Hotspot System

Any business owner knows that WIFI is the most commonly requested amenity and a business without WIFI is likely to see that fact mentioned early on in any negative reviews.

Installing a reliable, high-speed wireless hotspot can increase your business’ footfall and improve your overall customer experience. It also offers a new potential revenue stream and a platform to advertise your brand on.
Carden IT can conduct a site survey and install the required WIFI access points to provide your premises with full coverage and implement a control panel that allows you to control who has access to your network and for how long.

All of our WIFI hotspots are compatible with a huge range of modern WIFI hardware devices and include a full suite of management tools, including:

  • The ability to manage user sessions, test and monitor your performance and connection speed and allocate bandwidth all through a web-based interface you can access from anywhere.
  • Your own custom landing page with your logo, content and branding.
  • Integration with leading social media platforms, helping to promote your business and gather new leads.
  • Custom authentication methods for both paid and free WIFI, including paper vouchers, social media sign in or credit card payment.
  • Content filters allowing you to choose which sites and services are blocked on your network
  • Enforce time limits or data caps for your users.