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Business WiFi

High-speed and secure solutions for Business WIFI from Carden IT Services.

How It Works

Firstly, we conduct an evaluation of your current business IT and WiFi infrastructure, evaluating it and identifying areas where improvements could be made. 

Many organizations are still running on consumer grade WiFi equipment and attempting to run their entire office/premises off a single access point. Bandwidth is contested and even the most advanced commercial routers can only run a maximum of eight connected devices at one time. Given that each staff member has a computer, a cell phone and possibly a tablet or laptop as well, even a small office can easily accrue dozens of connected devices during busy times.

After compiling a list to determine the average number of connected devices we will source the best suited and highest quality hardware for your business’ use case.
As soon as your premises’ connection has been upgraded, your internet speeds and WiFi connectivity will be monitored constantly by Carden IT Services. We will automatically detect outages as well as attempted or successful security breaches. We always work to solve these issues as quickly as possible with as little disruption as possible.

What Carden IT Services Offer

Carden IT Services know how important WiFi is, and by working with us you ensure:
Reliable, high-speed WiFi for your business.

Separate VLAN networks for staff and customers.

WiFi packages tailored to the needs of specific industries (such as hotels)

Wireless or wired networks.

Customizable splash pages for customer sign-in.

4 custom SSIDs.

802.1x/WPA2-AES encryption.

Support for IoT devices.

Benefits of Installing WIFI

Keeps customers occupied while they’re waiting.

Facilitates B.Y.O.D. (Bring Your Own Device) programs.

Keeps staff and customers happy.

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