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Dedicated Servers

If your business has outgrown its current IT setup and you now find yourself needing your own dedicated servers, Carden IT Services can both advise on, and provide, the best solution to suit your organization’s needs.
Once we have first analyzed the size of your organization, the applications you use, your security needs and the requirements of any statutory regulation you may need to comply with – we work with you to choose and procure the ideal server and software for your current and future business requirements.

Why Your Organization Needs a Dedicated Server
There are numerous reasons an organization may come to require their own server, these include:

Your entire network’s security can be monitored and controlled for a single machine. Allowing for control that is customizable from the server level down to the individual device. You can set permissions individually for each employee or by groupings of your choice (job role, team, department etc.)
Data Sharing
Having your own server allows you to store your documents on-premises and share files and projects across your network.
Your own dedicated server allows your staff to have access to their email, documents and personalized desktop available to them from any device in your organization. This is known as hot-desking and grants more flexibility in how your staff work throughout your premises.
Service Level
Organizations with a large volume of traffic, or those operating at multiple locations, often find the performance of shared servers to be unreliable or at best, slow.  By switching to a dedicated server, you move to an environment that is customized to the exact needs of your business – leading to higher efficiency across your company.

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