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Disaster Recovery

Loss of data can cause inconvenience and downtime for many businesses. But for those organizations that depend on data to function, it can be ruinous, leading to breakdowns in service and a damaged reputation that can take years to recover from.
Whether data loss if caused by hardware failure, software glitches, breaches in security or simple human error, the resulting data loss can be enough to put a company out of business.
This is the reason that having an effective, secure and easily recoverable backup of your business-critical data is essential.

Protecting Your Business

At Carden IT, our team of backup and recovery experts are here to assist. Offering the best solutions to help you get operational again in as short a time as possible with as little disruption as possible. Our services feature…


Continuous Backup/Recovery

Never worry about manual backups again. Using our cloud infrastructure, we implement a continuous backup and recovery regime, where all system changes are detected and backed up as they happen.


Remote Monitoring

We monitor our systems regularly in order to provide validation checks. These checks ensure your records are always stored in an easily recoverable state so they can be quickly restored in the event of a disaster.


Disaster Preparedness Testing

We audit all of your disaster recovery systems on a regular schedule, working to identify gaps or errors in your infrastructure. The information gathered from these audits is used to continuously improve the data backup and recovery process.

Our engineers specializing in backup and recovery can help to train your staff on how best to both avoid and address incidents of data loss.

Off-Site Storage

On site backups are effectively useless if they are damaged in the same event that affects your main system (power failure, flooding, electrical surges). All our backups are stored off-site in secure data centers, where the data is encrypted before it is stored.



In the unfortunate event of a disaster, our data support team will work tirelessly to get your infrastructure up and running in as little time as possible with as little disruption as possible. We will also aim to restore business-critical data first so you can return to regular operations as soon as possible.

Do You Lack Confidence in Your Backup and Disaster Recovery Processes?

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