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Email Security

Email is used daily in almost every business and is critical for organization and productivity. But the ubiquity of its use also makes it the perfect vector of attack for any malicious actors that are trying to gain a foothold in your network. Email based threats range from ‘spam’ emails sent to thousands of targets at a time to more personalized ‘spear-phishing’ emails aimed at specific targets like management or IT admins.

No matter the organization’s size, securing email should be a priority for any business looking to improve their cybersecurity. By utilizing a combination of filtering, scanning for viruses and cloud-based threat detection Carden IT Services can provide you with enterprise-grade email security.

As well as protecting you from email-based threats, we also provide comprehensive email archiving. Storing your emails in an encrypted form so that they can be easily restored in the event of an incident of data loss or corruption. This is archiving protocol can be adjusted to fit your organization’s retention policy.
Gain confidence in the security and safety of your email systems by partnering with Carden IT Services.

As part of our complete email security packages, we offer:

Mimecast Sync and Recover
Mimecast Enterprise Information Archive
Mimecast Email Security
Message Archiving

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