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Message Archiving

Email is more important to businesses than ever before, with many companies conducting the majority of their sales, logistics, marketing and internal communications through their email systems. This increase in the volume of messages has led to more lost messages than ever before.
Comprehensive storage of email is important to prevent lost data and to have a permanent record for legal or regulatory reasons, but the physical storage capacity required is beyond the reach of many smaller businesses.

A Message Archiving Solution from Carden IT Services helps by automatically capturing, compressing and storing copies of your emails in the cloud. This is the most efficient and cost-effective way of organizing and storing communications that are business-critical.

Our storage platform is easy-to-use and allows your workforce to recover previously stored emails quickly when they are needed and offers features such as:

Compression: Vastly reducing the required storage space.

Automatic detection and deletion of duplicate emails.

Custom policies to determine exactly what gets archived, configurable by factor such as sender, recipient or subject line.

Tamper proof: Emails cannot be edited once they have been archived. Preserving the original message for posterity.

Integration: Integrates with your email client to archive directly from your inbox.

Search, sort and filter your full archive of stored emails.

The Benefits To Your Business

Stay fully compliant with your sector’s regulations concerning data protection.

Reduced your onsite storage requirements, freeing up your server.

Free up your staff by automating the archiving process.

Easily recover emails when needed.

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