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Onsite Support

While most IT issues can be solved remotely by our helpdesk, one of our IT engineers will travel to your site in the rare circumstances where this is not possible.

All our engineers arrive equipped with a full toolkit of IT essentials and can solve 90% of the issues on the same day they arrive. On occasions where this is not possible, they are able to utilize their first-hand knowledge to suggest improvements and suggest alternative hardware or software to address the problem.

Our onsite engineers not only bring specialist hardware and tools, they also bring with them several years of experience in both installing and maintaining IT systems for a large variety of organizations, from two person start-ups to large multinational corporations.
As well as having experience with solving IT problems, our engineers are an invaluable resource for tasks requiring a high level of networking expertise, such as setting up laptops, workstations, servers, routers, network cables and modems. Many of our clients utilize our engineer’s time for projects as small as setting up a desk for a new starter or as large as a complete office move.

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