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Ransomware Protection Services

The threat of ransomware is ever-present, and although large companies are often the most high-profile victims, each year sees smaller and smaller businesses fall prey to it. Smaller businesses are also often at more risk of reputational and operational damage as they have less capital on hand to deal with the aftereffects.
The best approach to combating ransomware, and the one that Carden IT Services takes, is threefold: prevention, protection and removal.

Ransomware Prevention

Carden will check your systems regularly, ensuring that security gaps are plugged immediately. This closes off a vector of attack before it can be exploited by bad actors.

Our email security protocols identify suspicious emails and attachments before they reach your network.
All your business-critical data is backed-up, encrypted and stored off-site in cloud servers separate from your network so that it can be easily restored in the event of a security breach.
The best prevention is vigilance and we take pride in training and educating your staff in best practises to avoid falling prey to the most common methods (such as email phishing scams) that hackers will try to use to trick them into introducing malware to your network. 

Protection From Ransomware

The next best thing to prevention is protection. Should ransomware ever reach your network. The following solutions help to protect your business from damage:

Threat detection monitoring of your systems in real-time.

Blocking exploits to prevent ransomware from spreading to other machines in your network.

Utilizing machine learning to protect against so called zero-day attacks (those which use exploits unknown to even the makers of the software).

IOA (Indicators of Attack) systems identify activity on your network that is deemed suspicious.

Real-time alerts keep your administrators updated on the security and efficacy of your network protections.

Removal Of Ransomware

In the event that ransomware is able to spread across your network it is important to have a comprehensive plan to remove it from all infected machines.
Once the infected machines have been identified it is important to disconnect them from your network to prevent further infections.
Our security team will then begin an investigation, determining the type of ransomware and the scale of the attack. Once we have established the parameters of the infection, we work tirelessly to remove it from the afflicted machines, prevent further spread of the ransomware and if necessary, restore your business-critical data from its backup in order to ensure the continuity of business operations.

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