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Remote Support

At Carden IT Services, our helpdesk is staffed by a team of remote support experts. Each member of the team is a skilled IT generalist and each also has their own area of specific expertise (in fields such as networking, servers, security).

If and when our clients are facing a technical issue, they can raise a support ticket using our dedicated support portal, utilizing out endpoint management software (Autotask) or by calling our support hotline.

Once a ticket has been raised, our remote helpdesk will work to solve your issue as quick as possible with as little disruption to your day-to-day operations as possible. There’s very little our engineers haven’t seen before and through a combination of over-the-phone support and remote access (through SWIS – ‘See What I See’ Software) they can solve most issues there and then.

Our team of accredited and experienced employees have all the skills you require. They act as an extension of your office, performing tasks as if they were your own in-house IT team.

In the small number of cases where they are not able to solve your issue remotely, they will dispatch one of our Network Engineers to your site to address the issue in person.


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