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Remote Monitoring

The functionality of our clients’ systems is of the upmost importance to us – this is why, at Carden IT Services, we are constantly monitoring them. By utilizing Autotask Endpoint Management, a remote monitoring solution, our support team can monitor, maintain, and perform troubleshooting on, your network.
Our remote monitoring systems include:

Real-Time Monitoring, 24/7

Using our dedicated monitoring interface, we track:

Web-based applications and services

Internal software.

Your server’s performance.

Current system usage.

Currently logged-in users.

IP addresses.


Network access points.

Any connected devices (cell phones, workstations, laptops and IoT devices)

Proactive Resolution

Through our system of checks and safeguards, both Carden IT Services and your business stay informed about the state of your network’s security, including factors such as:

Antivirus logs.

Device performance data.

Backup records for data.

System performance.

Server conditions.

Crash reports.

Efficient Maintenance

Organizations often waste numerous hours completing mundane or repetitive IT tasks, especially in the admin departments. Carden IT Services’ systems can automate many these tasks, freeing up your workforce’s time, thus increasing their efficiency. These tasks include:
Removing empty folders.

Performing antivirus scans.

Deleting defunct users and devices.

You will be provided with regular updates and reports on the current health of your systems as well as suggestions to improve them based on the data gathered.

Patch Management

Carden IT Services’ anti-malware and antivirus operations are constantly updated, and our software is patched regularly to combat newly discovered threats. We ensure you system are kept equally up-to-date.


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