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As a modern business, you want the fastest and most powerful internet service available within your budget.  High-speed connectivity is required to maintain easy access to vendors and customers, and communication is the cornerstone of any modern business.

You need to have a stable internet connection that is always available when you need it, because if you lose customers and revenue due to poor internet access, it could affect your bottom line.

Carden IT Services offers a range of business broadband options, including ADSL, Fibre (FTTC & FTTP), and Leased Lines, to accommodate businesses of all sizes and budgets.

Business Leased Lines

Leased lines are fibre-based connections that link your location directly to a data centre. The leased line is uncontested, which means that no other company uses it. This connection approach is both quicker and more reliable than almost any other.

Leased lines cost more than other broadband connections, but it’s a mistake to think of your broadband’s “cost” as just the monthly fee you see on your bill. Consider how stable your internet connection is and how much an hour of downtime would cost you in missed revenue.

Similarly, faster broadband can allow you to do more business in less time, so what appears to be more “expensive” broadband can actually be a net gain to your business finances in the long run.

MPLS Broadband

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a newer and faster method of data transmission through your network. The following institutions will profit the most from MPLS:

  • Any business with heavily bandwidth-intensive traffic.
  • Any businesses that rely on video calls.
  • Any businesses that make large-scale use of VoIP telecoms systems
  • Businesses whose operations would be negatively affected by latency issues (such as high frequency trading firms)

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