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By integrating your phone calls, phone hardware, and technological support into a single monthly invoice, you not only save money on all your business telecommunications, but you also get a single point of contact with all things business tech. No more being passed back and forth between providers’ call centres.

For business phone lines, we offer a variety of set packages. We can also tailor a call package to your organization’s specific needs.

Cloud-Based Telecoms

Hosted-VoIP systems are another name for cloud-based phone systems. They use cloud-hosted telecoms infrastructure to make and receive phone (and video) calls over the internet.

Many VoIP systems do not even require any hardware and instead run as a programme on your computer, allowing you to make calls using no more than a basic headset or set of headphones.

Because they are highly scalable, cloud-based phone systems are ideal for growing businesses. You only pay for the services you use, and adding a new user is as easy as setting up a new account on your system.

On-Premises Telecoms Systems

PBX stands for “private branch exchange” (Private Branch Exchange). Unlike cloud-based options, your PBX is a piece of on-premises hardware that manages and routes your phone calls.

Your dial tone will come directly into your premises and connect to your phone system with on–premise VoIP. Although the costs of running an on-premises system are lower than those of a hosted system, you will be responsible for maintaining your own on-premises hardware. Fortunately, when you work with Carden IT Services, we can set up, manage, and upgrade your on-premises phone system for you.

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