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Microsoft 365

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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the all-in-one Office apps solution, giving you access to standard tools like Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as cloud-based collaboration and communications tools like SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft 365’s tools give you the ability to:

  • Access documents from any authorised device.
  • Manage access privileges for each user, document, or team.
  • Call, video chat, share documents and collaborate with everyone on your team, wherever they are in the world.

Microsoft 365 harnesses the power of the cloud as a secure storage environment for your business’s data. Microsoft protects your organization’s data using encryption, threat detection, multi factor authentication and other advanced cloud cybersecurity methods.

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How Much Could You Save?

Choose Carden IT Services and get your Microsoft 365 licences at the best price possible. We offer Microsoft 365 Business Basic for up to 15% less when you order through us. A 10-user company on Microsoft 365 Business Standard could save £156 a year by buying their licenses from Carden IT Services.

Use our license savings calculator to find out how much you could save.

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    Microsoft 365 Migration

    How Can Carden IT Services Help?

    Spearheading Your 365 Migration

    At Carden IT Services, we are confident in the efficiency and security-boosting powers of Microsoft 365 and are dedicated to helping businesses implement it. This starts by thoroughly understanding your business, your team, your goals and challenges. From there, we address both long and short-term objectives so you fully feel the benefits of Microsoft 365. As well as the general setup of Microsoft 365, we can also help with:

    • Licensing: We recommend and help procure appropriate software licences for you.
    • Data Transfer: We help to backup and transfer your data from existing systems onto Microsoft 365, including the migration of all relevant mailboxes. We can also implement ongoing Microsoft 365 backups to ensure your data is protected and recoverable.
    • Management: From initial setup and installation, through to data transfers, inbox configuration, email signatures and more, we manage your entire migration process.

    Why Microsoft 365?

    What Are The Benefits?

    Why Microsoft 365?

    What Are The

    Automated Upgrades

    Microsoft regularly issues free updates and upgrades to 365, at no extra cost.

    Built-In Analytics

    Microsoft 365 features an integrated analytics system to track productivity.

    New Products – No Extra Cost

    Microsoft regularly updates 365 with new features and even entirely new apps.

    How Else Can We Help?

    Dedicated Microsoft 365 Support

    Remote Network Monitoring

    We monitor your Microsoft 365 systems 24/7 with automated threat detection to alert us to any potential cybersecurity threats.

    Enterprise-Grade Support

    Our team of engineers is there to help plan for, implement, and support the introduction of Microsoft 365 in your organization.

    Training & Advice

    We can provide training, advice, and ongoing consultation to ensure that you are getting the maximum utility out of your Microsoft 365 subscription.

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