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    What We provide

    Professional IT Services For Businesses In Manhattan

    At Carden IT Services, we supply IT services in Manhattan for businesses of all sizes. Professional IT support frees up your time so you can spend more time focusing on your business and less time on your IT.

    Handling your own IT requires an exceedingly high level of expertise, or the budget to hire an expert, in-house team. Hiring a third-party managed IT provider in Manhattan is a much more affordable and reliable solution. Carden’s managed IT provides Manhattan businesses with round the clock IT support and cybersecurity services and costs significantly less than running an internal IT department.

    • Remote IT helpdesk
    • Cloud computing (public or private)
    • Security and ransomware protection
    • Business telecoms (VoIP)
    • Hardware purchasing, installation, and networking
    • and more...

    What We do

    Carden IT Services Can Help Your Business

    Carden IT Services provides managed IT for Manhattan businesses. This includes an IT helpdesk, expert IT consultants, cloud services, business telecoms, and more.

    Over the last few years, we’ve built an expert team which includes remote IT specialists, hardware and networking engineers, cybersecurity officers, and other experienced IT professionals.

    When you sign up for our managed IT services, you’re not just getting one IT specialist, you’re getting input from a diverse team of IT support professionals with expertise in over a dozen different IT discipines.

    Our head office is located on Broad Street in lower Manhattan, and we are committed to supplying the best IT services in NYC.

    Our Services

    IT Services We Provide
    For Manhattan Businesses

    The different types of businesses for which we offer IT Support in Manhattan

    If you have a business with a presence in Manhattan, we can help. We’ve previously provided services for…

    Manhattan based small and medium sized businesses

    National brands with Manhattan offices

    Companies who have team members working remotely from Manhattan

    Any Manhattan businesses looking to outsource their IT to an experienced local IT support company.

    Business IT Services In Manhattan

    Do you have a business in Manhattan but not sure whether IT services are right for you?

    Managed IT Services Are Too Expensive

    Because it increases productivity and reduces downtime, IT assistance can actually help your business save money. Many business owners also underestimate the cost of fixing IT problems AFTER they have occurred. Paying a flat fee each month for managed IT services which help prevent these problems should be your preferred option.

    We are happy with our current IT provider.

    If you don’t want to switch IT providers, we understand. However, many of our clients have been surprised by how much more proactive, knowledgeable, and bespoke our IT service is. We are also based in Manhattan, so our engineers can travel to your premises very quickly if they are needed.

    Do we really need IT support if we’re not a tech company?

    Any technology utilized in your business, even a simple POS machine, needs to be protected against cybercriminals. Additionally, taking cybersecurity seriously is essential if you handle or store any sensitive data about customers.

    Most of our team works from home.

    Unfortunately, cybersecurity issues can occasionally get worse when people work from home. Remote team members are not exempt from running into IT issues either, and if there is no one there to help, they can’t carry on working. Additionally, if the needs of your company change over time, we can adjust our services to support both local and remote team members.

    Are You A Manhattan Business In Need Of IT Support?

    Our team is here to help Manhattan companies maximize the potential of their IT.

    We provide your company with a dependable IT service, backed by our years of experience in providing support for other Manhattan-based businesses.

    We are happy to travel to your location in Manhattan to talk about how our IT services could benefit you. We are also more than happy to chat with you by phone, email, or webcam.

    You will have the chance to speak with an IT expert about any concerns you may have with IT and discover more about how Carden IT services could be useful.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you offer IT support for small businesses in Manhattan?

    Yes, small, medium, and large businesses are among our existing clientele. We offer a variety of IT packages and can adjust the range of our services based on the size of your company.

    Can IT services help my business when most of my staff work from home?

    Yes, both totally remote companies and those with a hybrid work/home strategy are supported by our company. As your circumstances change, our service can adjust and change to meet your needs.

    Do you offer emergency IT support for Bronx businesses?

    Yes, call us at 646-461-9176 if your company is experiencing an IT crisis and needs quick IT assistance. We’ll let you know if we can help. But to prevent emergencies from happening in the first place, having expert on-going IT help is the best approach.

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