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SPF (Sender Policy Framework)

A sender policy framework can check for authorised domains and stop email spoofing.

A reliable method for verifying email senders and preventing email spoofing is called a Sender Policy Framework (SPF). The framework will check incoming mail against a registry of approved senders. Your SPF list is stored in your DNS records.

Does My Business Need To Have SPF In Place?

Spoofed addresses are frequently used in phishing emails and spam emails. The practise of “email spoofing” is creating an email with the intention of leading the recipient to believe it originated from a different source. The majority of people will accept this at its value and believe the email is from who it claims to be. Due to this, the recipient is more likely to be duped by phishing emails that ask them to click on harmful links, or download ransomware.

However, an having an SPF in place can help prevent this.

  • Blocks spam email
  • Confirms the identity of senders

Need Help Setting Up Your Sender Policy Framework?

If properly configured, a sender policy framework can be quite effective at reducing spam. However, if designed or implemented in the wrong way, it may result in spam emails still reaching your inbox while legitimate emails might be prevented from arriving. Therefore, we advise having your Sender Policy Framework defined and implemented by a qualified managed IT services provider like us.

At Carden IT Services, when we set up an SPF for a business, we always do the following…

  • Compile a list of all the IP addresses currently being utilised by your company to send emails.
  • Compile a list of all the domains you send mail from (if you send mail from more than one domain).
  • Create your unique Sender Policy Framework record using these lists.
  • Add the SPF to your DNS records.
  • Conduct tests to ensure that legitimate emails are arriving and fake ones are being blocked.

Implementing SPF is part of our comprehensive cybersecurity package. Speak to our team today to learn more.

Want To Increase Your Security With A Sender Policy Framework?

Our sender policy framework services are just one part of Carden IT Services’ comprehensive email security services. Our combination of expertise and the latest software protects your business from cyber-threats 24/7. Speak to our cyber-defence team today to learn more.

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