Incident Detection & Response

What We Do

Monitor Your IT Network and Respond Immediately To Any Potential Threats

If you suffer a cyberattack or a data breach, or even an attempted one, you need to respond immediately. The longer a response takes, the more chance of long-term damage to your reputation or ability to do business. Just as you wouldn’t wait around to put out a fire, you should take digital emergencies just as seriously.

Managed IDR Services

We offer an expert incident detection and response service as part of Carden IT Services’ managed cybersecurity to assist your company withstand and stop a wide range of cyber threats. All of this is supervised and handled by our Managed Security Operations Center.

What Is It?

Our Incident Detection & Response Service Includes…


Through a combination of managed firewall solutions, ransomware protection, and other network security measures, we make every effort to stop cyber-attacks and breaches from occurring in the first place.


Once we are confident that the threat has been removed, we will examine your data for any possible harm before working to get your network back up and running at full strength.


The earlier a threat can be detected, the quicker it can be addressed. To identify the earliest indications of data breaches, cyberattacks, or ransomware, your network is continuously monitored around-the-clock.


If a threat is found, we first isolate that area of your system by cutting it off from the larger network. This stops malware from infecting other computers and will stop hackers from using that machine to gain further access.


We will start the process of removing the threat from your network as soon as we are sure it has been quarantined. This includes removing all infected files and restoring them from backup if possible.


We adopt a forensic approach, looking into how your network was compromised and using that knowledge to strengthen your cybersecurity and prevent future attempts.

Our Services

Protect Your Business With Managed Cybersecurity Services

Our incident detection and response service is part of our wider cyber-defence package. We protect your network, devices, applications and data through a combination of enterprise technology and cybersecurity expertise.