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Keep Your Network Secure Round The Clock With A Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Protect Your Business With A 24/7 Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC)
Today’s cybersecurity requires a wide range of technology and skillsets. You need a unified, centralized approach to your cybersecurity if you want to remain secure. With the rise in cyberattacks and data breaches, relying solely on basic antivirus software to protect your company is no longer sufficient. A managed security operations center is necessary for true network security.

The Definition of A Managed Security Operations Centre?

A security operation center (SOC) was formerly a division within a company that employed a group of cybersecurity experts to watch its network for suspicious activity and react quickly to suspected security threats. The issue was that most small and medium-sized firms didn’t have the resources or the knowledge necessary to sustain this high standard of cybersecurity. A third-party managed SOC can be useful in these situations.

How Your Company Could Benefit From A Managed SOC Service?

Carden IT Services’ managed SOC-as-a-Service gives you access to the knowledge of our complete cybersecurity team. Ransomware protection, firewall management, cloud security, email security and more. Combined with our managed IT services and IT support teams, our managed SOC team supplies feedback on network security and productivity in order to enhance your network security and efficiency.

What Does A Managed SOC Include?

Round-The-Clock Monitoring

Secure your entire network using the latest cybersecurity monitoring tools, overseen by our team of cybersecurity experts. Any suspicious network activity or potential security breaches are immediately flagged by the system and an automated alert is sent to one of our cybersecurity team who will then review the alert manually and determine if further action needs to be taken.

Using the most up-to-date cybersecurity monitoring tools, you can secure your entire network under our security team’s experienced supervision. Any potentially harmful network behavior is immediately recognized by the system, and an automated warning is delivered to a member of our team who will then carefully analyze the alert and decide whether a response is required.

Threat Response Services

Our team will start an immediate incident response in the event that a verified cybersecurity incident takes place on your network. Our team will…

  • Determine the threat, the compromised systems, and the possible harm. Determine the nature of the threat, the compromised systems, and the possible harm caused.
  • By taking systems offline or isolating them from the network, you can neutralize the threat.
  • Repair the systems that have been damaged
  • Identify and fix the flaw that led to the original breach.
  • Bring each of your afflicted systems back online one at a time until your network is fully operational once more.

Need A Managed SOC In Your Business?

By combining network monitoring, cloud defense services, and enterprise security expertise, our managed SOC safeguards your business.

Speak to our team today if you’re interested in a managed SOC service to help secure your network.

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