Cybersecurity Awareness

Cybersecurity Awareness

Does Your Team Understand Cybersecurity?

Understanding risks and how to prevent them is the most important part of cybersecurity. Your team needs to be aware of threats like malware, phishing emails, and ransomware. You can make sure your team members have the information necessary to keep your network secure by giving them access to expert cybersecurity awareness training.

Our staff can offer instruction, direction, and advice regarding a range of cybersecurity methods, tools, and best practices to follow. You give your team and organization the best chance of surviving a cyber-attack by combining our training with our managed cybersecurity services.

Our team can provide training, guidance and advice about a variety of cybersecurity techniques, technologies and best practices. By combining our training with our managed cyber-defence services, you give your business and your team the best chance of withstanding a cyber-attack.

Why Choose Us?

What Does Our Cybersecurity Training Cover?

Email Security

Phishing emails will appear legitimate, but their purpose is to deceive your team members into disclosing privileged information. Your team will quickly learn how to recognize phishing emails through a combination of training and simulated phishing attempts.

Password Management

The first line of defense against hackers is a strong password. Unfortunately, the majority are not strong enough. We can instruct your team on password security procedures and how to build strong passwords using a password manager.

Threat Awareness

Your company will be exposed to a range of threats online. The biggest security risks are covered by our expert-led cybersecurity awareness course, along with some industry-leading cybersecurity practices for defending against them.

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Does Your Cybersecurity Knowledge Need An Upgrade?

The cybersecurity awareness training we offer helps improve your whole team’s readiness. Their new knowledge will assist them with identifying and avoiding risks while they work. Speak to our cybersecurity department to schedule your first training session.

Why Is It Important?

How Cybersecurity Training Protects You

Safeguard Your Network

Cybersecurity cannot be entirely outsourced; your team still needs to be aware of threats and every employee has a part to play. Your team members will be less inclined to obey new rules if you impose them without explaining why they are required. Everyone can be better protected if they are aware of the risks.

Help With Insurance

Some cybersecurity insurance policies will give you a discount on your premiums if you are taking steps to improve your cybersecurity posture. Providing comprehensive cybersecurity training for your team alongside professional cybersecurity services from a managed IT services provider like us is a great way to do this.