Cybersecurity Awareness

Cybersecurity Preparedness Training NYC

Make sure your team is informed about current cyber threats and how to protect your business from them.

Your entire staff should be involved in the defense of your network. But the first step is making sure they understand what the threats are and what part they can play in defending against them. Carden IT Services cybersecurity preparedness training does exactly that.

Securing your business is more important than ever. Data breaches, ransomware attacks, and other hacking incidents are increasing, and the popularity of working from home has created a whole new set of potential dangers.

To assess your team’s readiness, Carden IT Services offers training in cybersecurity awareness as well as a number of tools.

What Do Our Cybersecurity Preparedness Sessions Teach?

We want to provide your entire team with a thorough overview of the cybersecurity hazards they should be aware of, as well as specific strategies and tools they can use to better defend themselves and your company against online threats. This training comprises…

  • Email Security Training
    Learn best practices for keeping your email secure, including how to spot phishing emails which are trying to trick you into downloading malware.
  • Password Policy Training
    Learn the rules of good password choice and how to use a password manager to create and secure strong passwords without having to remember them.
  • Two-Factor Authentication Training
    Learn how to implement 2FA on accounts and why it is important to fully secure your logins.
  • Hacker Tactics Training
    Learn the tricks that hackers use to persuade your team members to give them access and disclose confidential information.

Following this training, you’ll do practical activities like our phishing email simulations, which test your ability to recognize fraudulent emails in the wild, and penetration testing, which determines whether your team and your cyber defenses are prepared by testing your defenses in a real-world scenario.

Why Your Team Needs Cybersecurity Training

The main reason for cybersecurity failures is not technology failures but human ones. Lack of understanding rather than being complacent is to blame for a sizeable portion of human error that results in vulnerabilities. Your team’s likelihood of making crucial mistakes is decreased by raising their level of cybersecurity preparedness, making sure they are all following the most recent cybersecurity practices, and making sure they are aware of the associated dangers.

The Better Prepared Your Team Is, The More Secure Your Business Is

A company’s largest vulnerability can be a lack of knowledge about the challenges it faces and how to handle them. Speak to our team today to book your cybersecurity training or learn more about our wider cybersecurity.

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