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DNSSEC is essential if your company has a web domain. If you don’t have DNSSEC in place, cybercriminals could reroute user traffic to another, malicious web site. This may deceive users into installing malware or providing sensitive information.

DNSSEC Explained

Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) is a group of open standards used to verify communications coming from DNS (Domain Name System) servers. DNSSEC safeguards against a common hacking technique which directs users to fake websites when it is correctly set up.

Numerous top-level domains have adopted DNSSEC, but very few small to medium businesses have done so. This is likely because the owners of each of these domains either don’t know about DNSSEC or don’t have the technical know-how to implement it.

Your company and your clients are susceptible to domain fraud if DNSSEC has not yet been enabled on your domain.

Is DNSSEC Really Necessary?

Unfortunately, there is still a dearth of knowledge on the threats to DNS security and the value of deploying DNSSEC. If you care about the security of your customers and your employees, you should have DNSSEC in place and should work with a web host who values your security. We offer hosting through our partners at Carden.Digital

A user needs to perform a DNS search to get your IP address in order to visit your website. Each of the process’s several steps can serve as a hacker’s potential point of entry. A hacker could alter the IP address record and reroute users to a fake website. The web’s current DNS architecture lacks a built-in solution to confirm that a nameserver response wasn’t fabricated.

However, an answer to this is provided by DNSSEC. By utilizing encryption, it adds an extra layer of protection to DNS lookups. A counterfeit website would be unable to convince a browser that it is authentic since it would be missing the necessary cryptographic key. The security of your domain is greatly increased with DNSSEC in place.

Need Help Setting Up DNSSEC On Your Domain?

Carden IT Services has experience with domain security and all other facets of cybersecurity. We can assist with setting up and implementing Domain Name System Security Extensions. speak with our cyber-defence team today.

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