Network Assessment

Network Asset Inventory

You can more easily maintain security by keeping track of every resource on your network.

Having a complete inventory of all the components of a network is the first step towards securing and upgrading it.

If you don’t keep track of your IT assets, you can quickly forget which devices are connected to your network, how they are configured, if they have the most recent security updates, and when the licenses for their software are due to expire.

Network vulnerabilities can result from inaccurate inventory management because devices may stop receiving security updates and cease to be protected. Additionally, you might be paying for software licensing for devices on your network that you have completely forgotten about.

Getting An Accurate Network Inventory

If you simply have a few users and devices, creating an exact inventory of your assets can be done manually. However, organizations and their networks are expanding more quickly than ever. Therefore, larger organizations often need outside help to compile a reliable inventory.

One of the best ways to manage an inventory that is expanding quickly is to use automated systems, which greatly free up your time and resources.

This software will automatically scan and map your network. Using the service we provide, you can get a precise, up-to-date list of all the devices you own, their current settings, and the software that is installed on them by using these tools.

Need Carden IT Services’ Help Building An Accurate Inventory

Carden IT Services has a wealth of experience auditing the networks of companies of all sizes. No matter how complicated your organization is, we can use automatic inventory tools to create an accurate inventory of your entire network.

Our staff can offer suggestions based on our observations after you have this inventory. Our network assessment services include a comprehensive network inventory. As part of our managed IT services, we can then take care of applying software and security updates.

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