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Prevent email-based cyber threats from reaching your network.

Email Is The Main Attack Method For Cyber Threats

Although email is one of the most established internet technologies, it is also one of the least secure. A huge portion of cyberattacks start with emails. Cyberattacks can start by deceiving an email’s recipient into disclosing personal information, getting them to click on a malicious link, or getting them to download ransomware.

Enterprise-Grade Email Filters and Automated Threat Detection

In contrast to your email client’s basic built-in spam filters, Carden IT Services can provide sophisticated enterprise-grade email filtering and automated threat detection.

  • Attachment Scanning
    Malware and ransomware are commonly spread through email attachments. Our cloud-based email protection automatically scans attachments for any indicators of malware.
  • Block Spoofed URLs
    Attackers frequently employ email domains that, although they appear identical to a known domain, are actually a little different. For instance, the attacker used an email address that was similar to one of a known contact, but they changed the lower-case L to an upper-case I or put a dash between two words like Face-book. By checking for similar domains and known suspicious email content, we can help defend against these emails before they have the chance to trick any of your employees.
  • Identity Theft Protection
    Sending an email claiming to be from someone within the target organization is a typical way to trick people who are the targets of cybercrime. To convince you to download malware or send critical information, an attacker may pose as your CEO or even your IT administrator. All incoming emails are cross referenced in real time for suspicious email content and header anomalies to help combat this.
  • Open Emails Away From Your Network
    On occasion, you might be unsure whether an email was blocked by mistake, and you want to check it. Thanks to our email security software, you can access that email outside of your primary network in a cloud-based environment called a “sandbox.” If the email appears safe, you can then forward it to your primary inbox. If it is a malicious email, the possibility of infection is eliminated because you open the email in the cloud rather than on your network.

Need Help Protecting Your Business From Email-borne threats?

One of the various email defense services we provide as part of our larger cybersecurity services bundle is email filtering. Speak to our team right now to find out more about how to make your email more secure.

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