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A personalised signature that includes your company details is both professional and gives your customers trust that the email they received was genuinely sent from your company and not a scammer. When the whole procedure is automated, this becomes much easier to accomplish.

A signature manager adds a clear signature to your messages after they leave your email system by managing your signatures centrally via a cloud portal. Regardless of which computer the email was sent from, the signature is the same. This means you will not see any more “sent from iPhone” footers on emails you send on your way to and from work.

Our custom signature management systems will ensure that all your emails have the same branding and company messaging. Professional, cloud-managed signatures allow you to:

  • Select a premade signature from our library of templates or design your own signature from scratch
  • Use text, images and photos.
  • Have different signatures for different department or different teams.
  • Link your signatures to your Active Directory to maintain accurate job rirles, names and contact details.
  • Link to your website or social media from your signature.
  • Update and manage your signatures from a central interface.

Why Companies Use Email Signatures

  • They bring a cohesive brand identity to all your email communications.
  • They make your emails stand out.
  • They are quick and easy to use
  • They can scale to your whole organisation for now extra cost.

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