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Limiting access to your network depending on geography can help keep it secure.

Geo-Location Filtering Explained

An IP address is given to each internet connection. These consist of a series of numbers, such as You can determine the general location of the connection from these IP addresses.

With this information, you can restrict access to your systems based on a specific IP address or a range of IP addresses. You could restrict access from nations or cities based on their IP address.

Why Should You Block Traffic For Certain Locations?

If you don’t know who is connecting to your data, it may be a hacker, a bot, or anyone else. It could even be an employee! If you have no clients or team members outside of the US, it is safer to disable all connections from abroad. Alternatively, if you don’t want to block all foreign traffic but are getting persistent hacking attempts from a specific country, you should block all connections from that country.

What Should You Block?

We believe that blocking all connections from nations where you don’t employ people or do business is generally a smart idea. For instance, there would be no need to permit connections from Nigeria, Oman, or any other nation if all your staff were headquartered in New York State.

How Managed IT Can Help

Our staff will collaborate with you to create a geolocation blocking policy that is appropriate for your business and the way your team works.

Our Cybersecurity Services

Geo-location blocking is part of the managed cybersecurity package provided by Carden IT Services. Combining network security, email security, and endpoint protection. Speak with our cybersecurity team to learn more.

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