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Co-Managed IT

Working Seamlessly With Your In-House Teams

Co-managed IT services, in contrast to a completely outsourced service, is a true collaboration model in which the contractor collaborates with the in-house IT department to achieve their goals.

When you need additional day-to-day IT support, you will want to work with a company that has an established record of accomplishment of providing high-quality service. A professional partner who can act as a valuable addition to your current IT team and can be trusted to handle any support areas you specify while keeping you in charge.

We Add Our Skills & Experience While You Stay In Control

We are there to help, not to take over. Our team has worked with a variety of businesses from start-ups in home offices to corporations with premises in multiple continents.

Carden IT Services are here to help cover the gaps in your organization’s IT, whether it’s gaps in knowledge, gaps in technology or gaps in manpower.

We always do this with respect for your business and your existing IT team, we are there to help empower your team to manage your IT in the way you want – not enforce a one-size-fits-all IT policy. Wherever your business is at in its journey, we can adjust our services and support to match it – but you always stay in control of your network.

How Co-Managed IT Can Help Your Business

We support your IT team in a variety of ways, focussing on either day-to-day break/fix support or longer-term IT projects.

  • Our remote IT helpdesk is always available to lend additional support on 1st to 3rd line issues.
  • Our staff, both on-premises and remote, can cover sickness or holiday absences by your full-time IT employees.
  • We can provide guidance, planning, or even just extra people power for large-scale IT projects like moving your entire office or migrating your network to the cloud.
  • We can provide top-up training to your in-house IT team on new enterprise IT technologies and advanced cybersecurity techniques.


Increase your access to information, skills, and expertise you don’t already have in your team – without incurring the costs of hiring, training, and keeping this experience in-house. If you’re struggling to find the answers you need, it might be time to expand your pool of knowledge and learn new, efficient techniques for managing your IT.


From workstations, servers, and networks to storage, cell phones and cloud backups, we’ve got you covered. Whatever elements of you IT network you want to outsource, we will keep it secure with our combination of cybersecurity monitoring, surveillance, and reporting services.


Make more time for strategic planning. Your in-house IT team can devote more of their time to creativity and strategy while we free up their schedule by taking on the some of the simpler day-to-day IT support activities. Or we can work on planning the big projects while you address IT support, whichever is the right mix for your company and your team.

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