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Your password isn’t still “password” is it? All your passwords should ideally be long, random strings of letters, numbers, and symbols, but even then, how would you ever remember them all? Making use of a password manager is a great solution for this.

Why Password Security Matters

The problem of password memorization has become increasingly common because of the expanding variety of services, software, and gadgets we use every day. You are more likely to develop undesirable habits, such as using the same password for multiple accounts or simply appending a number to an existing password.

If just one of your passwords is breached, a hacker will attempt to use that email and password combination on other websites and services. If you use the same password across all your accounts, the hacker could access them all. An attacker may request password resets for all your accounts if you used that same password for your primary email account.

Because of this, it’s crucial that each account and service you use has its own password. But what if there was a method to use a password that was incredibly secure for each login without having to remember each one? Well, it’s called a password manager.

How Do You Use A Password Manager?

Extra secure passwords are generated by the password manager, which then stores them in a secure “vault.” An extra-strong password can then be used to encrypt this vault.

You can now use this single, complex password to secure all your accounts instead of using a variety of weak passwords that are easy to guess. Since it is simple to remember but incredibly difficult to crack, many users opt to use a phrase or even a whole sentence to encrypt their password manager’s vault.

To prevent ex-team members from regaining access to private information and accounts, you can deactivate their password management account after they leave your company.

Auto-Generate Your Passwords

Your password manager can generate new passwords for you instantly, these can be up to 64 characters long and include random combinations of letters, symbols, and numbers.

How Can Carden IT Services Help With Password Management?

Every member of your team will be given their own login information for a password manager once our cybersecurity team has finished inspecting and compiling all your passwords. The use of the password manager and the significance of password security will then be covered in training. In our experience, nearly everyone on the team will find utilizing a password manager to be more convenient than having to remember lengthy, complex passwords once they get used to doing so.

Need Help Setting Up A Password Manager In Your Organization?

You can get a password manager, as well as password security training and other vital cybersecurity services as part of Carden IT Services managed cybersecurity package. Speak to our team today to learn more.

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