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Use Identity & Access Management To Secure Your Network

Access management services provided by Carden IT Services control which systems and data each user is permitted access to. Making sure a user only has access to what they need and nothing more is good practice. For instance, your new intern most likely does not require full access to your cloud data backups! Our identity management systems can help confirm that a user is truly who they claim to be by comparing the credentials they provide with verified ones stored in a database.

The Management of Identity and Access Is Crucial To Cybersecurity

Business-critical data and systems are at increasing danger from unauthorized access as more and more transactions are made online. The increase in remote working, which has led to frequent access to your systems and data by people who are not on your premises, has likely made this situation worse. Before granting access to any user, you must be completely certain of that person’s identity. Identity and access management services are useful in these situations.

Why You Need This

dentity & Access Management Helps You Stay Compliant

Data protection laws like the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe and the HIPPA in the United States are used to enforce data security.

If you do not take adequate steps to secure your customer’s data, you could be liable for civil or criminal damages and you risk damaging your reputation.

Adopting a strong identity and access management strategy can assist your company in maintaining compliance with data protection statutes.

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Need Identity & Access Management In Your Business?

Carden IT Services’ comprehensive cybersecurity package includes identity and access control management. Our mix of knowledge and the newest software helps safeguard your company round-the-clock from cyberattacks. To learn more, contact our cybersecurity team.