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Cybersecurity is the protection of your network from cyber threats. This includes deploying hardware and software solutions, implementing new processes, restricting access to sensitive data and training teams on security best practices.

Cybersecurity begins with the user, making sure each employee knows the risks and countermeasures to keep their system safe. Next is securing individual machines with endpoint protection. Then, the security of the entire network and infrastructure is addressed, including restricting access to any cloud services your business uses.

While many people are familiar with viruses and ransomware, there are other types of cyber-attack too. For example, an attacker can intercept invoices and forward them to your client with the bank account number changed to their own. Other attackers may steal your customers’ data and sell it on the dark web. There are new cyber threats appearing all the time, so it is important to take a proactive approach.

Cybersecurity threats are a growing risk to businesses and the techniques used by attackers are growing in scope and complexity every day. Therefore, it is more important than ever to have professional, proactive cybersecurity protection. We understand that cybersecurity can be a daunting subject which is why it is crucial to talk to New York based cybersecurity experts.

Ransomware attacks cost businesses billions each year in lost revenue and recovery costs. In fact, for many small to medium sized businesses, a serious data breach or ransomware attack can be enough to put them out of business. The latest data is that 60% of businesses will fail in the 12 months following a major ransomware attack or data breach.

In addition to protecting your own data, you may also be at risk of legal action from your customers if you fail to protect their data.

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Cyber Security Services New York

Carden IT Services is a leading provider of telecoms and cybersecurity services to businesses across New York. Protecting you and your data from ransomware, malware, viruses and hackers.

We understand the importance of keeping your business safe and secure, and our team of experts are on hand to provide you with the latest in IT security solutions.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including firewalls, intrusion detection, and encryption, all designed to keep your data safe from criminals.

We can also offer training programs to help you and your staff stay up-to-date with the latest security threats. With Carden IT Services, you can rest assured that your business is in safe hands.

Through a system of advanced anti-malware technology, 24/7 network remote monitoring and automated alerts, we keep your network safe from threats.

Stay Compliant

Not only do you protect your customer’s data, but you also protect your reputation. Adequate cybersecurity is an important factor in many industry’s regulations too.

Be A “Security First” Organization

We don’t just add cybersecurity to your network, we examine, audit and improve your technology, processes and team knowledge about cyber threats and defences.

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Cybersecurity Experts

Why Work With Carden IT Services?

At Carden IT Services, we have experience providing cybersecurity services to businesses of all sizes and provide the maximum protection possible to your business, your team and your data.

Instead of waiting for things to go wrong, at Carden IT Services, we provide a proactive cybersecurity service. We are constantly monitoring and auditing your network, alerting you to any suspicious activity or access requests, running tests and cybersecurity drills, training your team on best practices and researching the latest cyber threats.

Carden IT Services have extensive expertise in the field of cybersecurity, and we provide a comprehensive service, protecting all aspects of your enterprise technology stack; from the access of your cloud services, to your network infrastructure, all the way down to the individual user’s machine.

For expert cybersecurity you can rely on, choose Carden IT Services as your managed IT partner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cybersecurity and how is it managed for New York businesses?

Cybersecurity refers to all the technologies and processes which protect your business from unauthorized access, data breaches and cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity services often include access controls, virus and ransomware protection, and data backups. Cybersecurity is particularly important for NYC businesses as they are often more likely to be the target of a cyber-attack than businesses in smaller cities.

What are cybersecurity services?

Cyber security services from a managed services provider would include everything from the installation and configuration of hardware, software cyber protections like ransomware protection and firewalls, through to employee training, network monitoring and endpoint protections. It is a comprehensive cybersecurity package.

Do you provide a monthly security audit?

We take your security seriously and we provide all our customers regular security audits. But we don’t stop there. We take a proactive approach and provide round-the-clock network security monitoring, automated alerts for suspicious activity, application whitelisting, employee training, access control and more.

Do you provide ransomware protection for New York based businesses?

Yes, as part of our cybersecurity services we provide ransomware protection. This includes proactive network monitoring, advanced threat detection and the deployment of the latest ransomware protection software. Your devices and network are continually monitored for signs on ransomware, advanced email protection technologies are used to detect suspicious attachments which may contain ransomware, and application whitelisting prevents unknown applications from installing on your machine. We also offer employee training to help prevent the accidental compromise of your systems and disaster recovery to help deal with the aftermath of ransomware attacks.