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Almost every company relies heavily on email.  However, because of its widespread use, it is also the most popular attack vector for malicious actors attempting to gain access to your network. From widely disseminated “spam” emails to hyper-targeted “spear phishing” attacks on senior executives.

Essential Email Security

Email security should be a top priority for all companies, regardless of scale.  We provide you with the ultimate in email protection through a combination of inbound filtering, virus scanning, and cloud-based threat detection.

In addition to enterprise-grade protection, we provide email archiving, which keeps your emails safe in a tamper-proof digital archive that can be tailored to your company’s retention policy.

You can gain confidence in the security and safety of your email by partnering with Carden IT. Allowing you to devote more of your time to the aspects of your business that you enjoy.

We provide the following as part of our comprehensive email security packages:

  • Secure and Encrypted Email Archiving
  • Mimecast Sync and Recover
  • Mimecast Archiver
  • Mimecast Email Security

Keep your emails safe

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