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Who We Are: Leading Provider Of IT Services In New York

Dedicated, Proactive and Modern IT Services

Carden IT Services is a provider of IT services in New York and is just one part of Carden IT Group, a collection of enterprise technology companies serving clients in the US and the UK.

As a trusted IT service provider, we are so dependable that most of our clients rely on us as if we were their own in-house IT department. We can manage every aspect of your organization’s IT infrastructure, from protecting individual PCs, to administering a private cloud network.

Our remote NYC-based IT support helpdesk can solve most software-related queries instantly over the phone and our trained engineers can be dispatched to your premises to perform hardware installations and fixes. Our IT services in New York offer a great value proposition for businesses looking to modernise their technology while keeping their costs down.

  • Remote IT Helpdesk
  • On-Premises Engineers
  • Microsoft-Qualified Technicians
  • Flexible IT Support Packages
  • Remote Network Monitoring
  • Advanced Cybersecurity
  • 24/7 Support, 365 Days A Year
  • IT Consultation Services

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Get Peace of Mind With Fully Managed IT Services & IT Support

Why Choose Carden IT Services?

You Take Care Of Your BusinessWhile We Take Care Of Your IT

We take the stress out of IT for you, so you can focus on your business while our expert technicians keep your technology working for you.

Competitively Priced IT Services In New York

Unlike other providers, we don’t charge by the hour. Our desktop IT support is charged at a flat rate for each machine in your business we support.

As we are a remote IT service provider, NYC businesses get instant support whenever they need it from our expert team of remote IT support technicians.

IT Experts With A Wide Range Of Knowledge

Our team have skills in a range of business IT areas, including cybersecurity, VoIP telecoms, and computing. Providing the best IT services in Manhattan.

Fully Managed IT Services

You Can Rely On

We act as if we were your in-house IT team, taking care of every aspect of your network as if it were our own.

Every one of our packages includes unlimited remote IT support. On average, we resolve IT queries in less than 14 minutes!

Personal Engineers

We believe in building lasting relationships with our customers, so every one of our contracts includes a dedicated engineer.

A Great Team

Our team are friendly, knowledgeable and have a range of IT skillsets between them, from cybersecurity to VoIP and cloud services.

If you don’t require a comprehensive package, we can create a flexible IT support package to meet your business’s IT support needs.

We monitor your network round the clock for threats. Irregularities are logged immediately and passed to our security team for review.

No matter how big or small the business we are serving, we always adopt a cybersecurity first approach to our clients’ networks.

The Comprehensive Services and Support
Provider For Business IT

We provide suitable solutions specifically tailored to your business’s requirements. We take care of your IT, giving you more time to focus on your business.


What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

How Can We Help?

Efficient & Affordable Enterprise IT

Carden IT Services’ team has over 100 years of combined enterprise IT support experience. When it comes to enterprise technology, there’s very little that we haven’t seen before.

Our team are happy to work with other providers to facilitate a smooth transition of all your critical IT services. If required, this can even happen out of hours to minimise downtime.

Our cybersecurity team can conduct a thorough IT audit, identifying and fixing vulnerabilities in your network. We monitor your network 24/7 for any future threats.

We don’t wait for things to go wrong, at Carden IT Services we actively look for new solutions, new enterprise technologies and new opportunities to boost your company’s security and efficiency.

Client Portal

Our custom client portal improves communication between us and our customers and makes it easier for them to request help instantly. As part of our dedication to customer service, we are continuing to update this portal with more features and functionality all the time.

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What We Provide

Industry-Leading IT For Businesses
In New York & Manhattan

Carden IT Services knows better than anyone how important reliable IT is to the success of a company. Our response times are guided by industry-standard SLAs and we strive to fix your IT problems as quickly as possible, while keeping you updated along the way. You can track our progress in real time using our dedicated client portal.

Every customer has a dedicated account manager who learns the particulars of their business and handles all their service requests. This means you have a familiar face when you need to contact us. We don’t just provide great IT services, but great customer service too!

As a committed IT solutions company, we are determined to show prospective customers how the outsourcing of their IT to a managed service company will financially benefit them. We have set plans for different industries like healthcare or finance as well custom plans built specifically to suit your business and its needs.

How Do We Do It?

What To Expect From Your New York IT Support Services

IT support is essential for any business that relies on computers and digital devices. Carden IT Services offers IT support to businesses across New York, helping them to keep their systems up and running.

We offer a wide range of IT support services, including technical support, software updates, and network security monitoring. Our team of IT experts are always on hand to provide assistance, ensuring that your business can continue to operate smoothly.

With our professional IT support services, you can be confident that your business is in safe hands. Contact us today to find out more about our IT support services.

Highly Qualified Teams

We don’t outsource, every time you speak to us you’re speaking to a trained, dedicated, expert IT engineer.

Known Suppliers

We only buy the best, all our software and hardware come from trusted suppliers like Microsoft and Cisco.

Focused On Tomorrow

We always look for the next enterprise IT advances to help our clients stay one step ahead of the competition.

We keep your data and your customers’ data secure using a combination of modern cybersecurity methods.

Every IT support plan can be tailored to your company, its pain points, its industry and its future plans.


We stay one step ahead and make sure to deal with IT issues before they have the chance to become IT disasters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Carden IT Services as an IT services provider for your business in New York?

We are a Manhattan-based managed IT services provider. This means we already have experience working with other businesses in the New York area and can travel easily to your premises from our offices in NYC.

How much do managed IT services for businesses in New York cost?

The total cost of your managed IT services will depend on the number of users and devices you need support for and which services you require. Our team can help audit your IT and determine which level of support you require.

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