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Disaster Recovery Solutions
For New York Businesses

A sustained period of downtime could do considerable damage to your business’s bottom line and its reputation. That’s why it is vital to have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place.

Carden IT Services provide businesses with professionally planned and managed disaster recovery services. This includes auditing your network, backing up critical data off-premises, and implementing steps to ensure business continuity during and after a disaster. We also provide cloud-based Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) options.

We’ve implemented effective disaster recovery solutions for small businesses and large businesses alike. We know that every business is different, as are their priorities and the risks they face. That’s why as part of our disaster recovery service, we work with your team to develop a disaster recovery plan designed around your business.

As experienced disaster recovery service providers, we have the knowledge, technology and expertise to help your New York based business survive.

How It Works

The Elements of Effective Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Planning

Plan for every eventuality and keep your business and its data safe. We work with you to devise and implement a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

Failover Systems

We can implement failover contingencies for your critical systems. Like a cloud-hosted VoIP solution to replace your business communications.

Disaster Recovery Testing

Just like a fire drill, but for your network. We can help conduct thorough disaster recovery testing, either of your entire organization or a single system.

Dedicated Account Manager

Each of our clients have their own dedicated account manager who works with them to understand their business and help build their perfect DR plan.

All of your business-critical data is securely backed-up off-site in a cloud environment – so you can recover and restore it easily in an emergency.


In the unfortunate event of a business disaster, our whole team is primed and ready to help your business implement its disaster recovery plan immediately.

Our Services

Protect Your Business With
Secure Data Backup Options

Prepare your business for both physical and digital business disaster scenarios and recover from them quickly and safely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a disaster recovery plan do?

A disaster recovery plan encompasses all the elements that you will need to recover from a disaster. This would include technologies that allow you to continue to work remotely while your premises is out of action and data backups of business-critical data. A disaster recovery plan would also include roles for key team members (or your managed disaster recovery services provider) to perform in the event of a disaster.

Are there available cloud services for disaster recovery applications?

Yes, cloud services allow you to perform most of the elements of disaster recovery off-premises. Cloud disaster recovery solutions are often known as Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

Why do I need DRaaS?

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DraaS) is an effective method of using cloud-based systems to backup up your most business-critical data. Cloud DRaaS options are often less costly and more reliable than their on-premises equivalents.

What is a disaster recovery solution?

Disaster recovery solutions are technologies and strategies to mitigate the effects of business “disasters”. Examples of disaster recovery solutions would include fall-back communications platforms, cloud backups and technologies which allow your team to continue working remotely while their office is unavailable.

What does a disaster recovery plan entail for New York Businesses?

A disaster recovery plan for New York businesses covers all necessary elements for recovery post-disaster. This includes remote work technologies during premises unavailability and data backups of business-critical information. It also outlines roles for key team members (or your managed disaster recovery services provider) in the wake of a disaster. 

How often should New York Businesses perform Data Backup?

The frequency of data backup for New York businesses varies based on the volume of data, the nature of the business, and regulatory requirements. However, it’s recommended to perform backups daily or in real-time for critical data to ensure maximum protection. 

How can New York businesses ensure their data backup strategy is effective?

Regular testing and reviews of the backup and recovery process are essential, alongside updates to the strategy as the business grows and its data needs evolve, to ensure the Data Backup for New York Businesses remains robust and effective. 

Why is data backup essential for businesses in New York?

Given New York’s susceptibility to various disruptions including natural disasters, cyber threats, and technical failures, Data Backup is crucial for ensuring business continuity, minimizing downtime, and safeguarding against data loss. 

How can New York businesses get started with data backup?

The first step is assessing your data backup needs, followed by researching and selecting a reputable Data Backup service provider who understands the unique challenges and requirements of New York businesses, then implementing a tailored data backup solution.