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    What We provide

    Professional IT Services For Bronx Businesses

    For businesses in The Bronx, Carden IT provides managed IT services and IT support. When you have professional IT support, you can focus less of your time on your business’s technology and spend more time taking care of your customers.

    To manage your own IT securely and efficiently, you need to invest a large amount of time and money in finding and interviewing a whole team of different IT experts, or you need to have an extremely high level of IT expertise yourself. In most cases, manage IT providers like us charge much less than you would spend hiring and retaining a skilled IT department in house.

    We can help with…

    • Cybersecurity
    • Business telecoms
    • Cloud computing
    • Procurement
    • Training
    • Helpdesk support

    What We do

    Professional IT Services For Bronx Businesses

    Carden IT Services offers IT services for businesses in The Bronx. We are happy to support small and medium-sized businesses as well as larger companies in The Bronx.

    Everyday IT support and troubleshooting, hardware and software procurement, advanced cybersecurity and network monitoring, cloud computing, business telecoms, are all included in our managed IT solution for Bronx businesses.

    On-premises hardware and networking specialists, remote IT software technicians, experienced cybersecurity consultants, and other professionals from across the IT industry all have a place on our team. They bring a diverse set of IT skills to each and every one of our clients, helping them make their IT more efficient, more productive, and more secure.

    As our head office is based in Manhattan, we can travel quickly to our clients across NYC. This lets us offer top IT support service in The Bronx.

    Our Services

    IT Services We Provide
    For Bronx Businesses

    The different types of businesses for which we offer IT Support in The Bronx

    We support a variety of business of all sizes in the Bronx. Including…

    Bronx based SME’s

    National brands with Bronx offices

    Companies which are located remotely that work with Bronx based clients or have Bronx-based team members working remotely.

    Any local company that is looking to outsource their IT to an experienced IT support company

    Business IT Services In The Bronx

    Making the decision to use a managed IT provider can be difficult. It can be tempting to try and go it alone for as long as possible but using a managed IT provider could help you reach your business goals quicker and more efficiently. If you’re still struggling to decide, here’s some of the questions or concerns our potential clients often have about signing up for ongoing IT support contract.

    I can’t afford IT support

    Not only can IT support actually save you money through increased productivity and reduced downtime but IT mistakes may also cost your business a lot to fix. Paying a small amount each month for managed support is the better solution.

    We already have an IT support provider.

    Many of our clients have been impressed with how much more proactive, professional, and bespoke out IT service is. We’re also local, meaning we can travel to you in a short time.

    I don’t think my business needs IT support.

    If you use any technology in your business, even if it’s just a POS machine, it needs to be supported and protected from cybercriminals. It is also vital if you handle or store any customer personal data.

    Most of our team members work from home.

    Unfortunately, remote team members occasionally have IT issues, and in certain cases, working remotely actually increases cybersecurity issues. Also, if your business circumstances change, we can modify the scope of our services to support both in-person and remote team members.

    Are You A Bronx Business In Need Of IT Support?

    Our team is here to assist Bronx companies in getting the most out of their IT.

    We provide your business with a reliable IT service, informed by our experience supplying support for other Bronx-based companies.

    As we are based in Manhattan, we are happy to travel to your premises in The Bronx to discuss how our IT services could help you. We’re also happy to speak on the phone, over email, or on webcam.

    You’ll get the chance to discuss any IT issues, problems, or concerns with an IT professional and learn more about how Carden IT services might be beneficial.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you offer IT support for small businesses in Bronx?

    Yes, our client base includes small, medium, and large businesses. We have different IT packages available and can tailor the scope of our services to the size of your organization.

    Can IT services help my business when most of my staff work from home?

    Yes, we support businesses which are fully remote, as well as those who have a hybrid work/home model. Our service can also adapt and change as your circumstances change.

    Do you offer emergency IT support for Bronx businesses?

    Yes, if your business is having an IT crisis and requires immediate IT assistance, call us on 646-461-9176, we will let you know if we can help. But the best way to avoid IT emergencies is to have professional ongoing IT support.

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