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Remote Monitoring

We monitor the efficiency and security of our customers’ networks round-the-clock. Through a combination of Autotask Endpoint Management and other RMM (remote monitoring and management) tools our team of engineers can step in the instant we notice something wrong.

Round The Clock Monitoring, 365 Days A Year

Using our RMM tools, we can monitor:

  • Your web applications
  • Your online services
  • Your internal software
  • The performance of your servers
  • How many users are logged-in
  • All your network’s open ports
  • Your network firewalls
  • Access points
  • Your devices (including PCs, Cell Phones and IoT connected devices)
  • Your antivirus logs
  • Crash reports
  • Your latest data backup

Immediate Resolution

We proactively solve IT issues before they become IT disasters. We also deploy custom automated scripts to patch security vulnerabilities and inefficiencies before they even have a chance to cause further problems.

We have a comprehensive system for monitoring, tracking, and fixing your network. As with all our managed IT services, the aim is to help your reach your peak of efficiency, security and performance and then help you maintain those levels.

Automated Network Maintenance

Our automated network maintenance processes will free your team from repetitive and mundane IT tasks. In most networks, the majority of the following tasks can be automated. How much time do you currently spend on them? What else could your staff be doing in that time?

  • Automated Virus Scans
  • Automated deletion of redundant or duplicate files and folders
  • Removing permissions from old users and devices.

Every month we will provide regular updates on the current state of your network along with any alterations or additions we would recommend to prevent further errors or inefficiencies.

Fully Automated Patch Management

We can automate your software, firmware, and antivirus updates to ensure that you stay protected but that these updates also happen when you are away from your machines to avoid the lost productivity of being unable to use your machine.

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