Data Backup

Disaster Recovery Service (DRAAS)

Would your business be able to survive a week without access to its data, its emails, or its phones? How about a day? An hour? If the thought of any of these sends a chill down your spine, then you want to make sure you have invested in a professionally managed Disaster Recovery as a Service plan.

Disaster Recovery is a key element of business continuity planning in the event of a business “disaster” such as a power failure, an office fire or a ransomware attack. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) utilises cloud services to provide continuous, round-the-clock replication and backups of your on-premises servers and network.

As this replication is a continuous, real-time process, should a “disaster” occur you will be able to restore everything from the cloud without missing more than a few minutes of historical data.

In the event of a disaster, your network can be restored from backup to your original site. It can also be restored to a back-up site if your original premises are inaccessible. Thirdly, staff can continue to work on the virtualised, hosted replica version of your network from home via a VPN until you can return to your main premises.

Do you lack confidence in your backup and disaster recovery processes?

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