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Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)

Windows Virtual Desktop allows you to virtualize your desktop and apps in the cloud. Windows Virtual Desktop, unlike other virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI), allows you to run a multi-session Windows 10 experience while also supporting Windows Server Remote Desktop Services (RDS) desktops.

What Can You Do With Windows Virtual Desktop?

  • You can create full desktop visualisations from within your Microsoft Azure environment, with no need to purchase additional hardware.
  •  You can now run multiple sessions on the same virtual machine to save Azure resources while providing your users an experience that’s nearly identical to using a physical device.
  •  Get connected to the correct virtual machine automatically with the advantage of WVD routing management.
  • With a single licence, you can manage your entire WVD network. RDS required a server OS, RDS, and Office ProPlus licence, while WVD only requires a Microsoft 365 or Windows 10 Enterprise subscription.
  • Individual desktops instances that are personalised and persistent.
  • Easily migrate your current workloads to the cloud. Your existing RDS virtual machines can also be migrated to WVD.
  • Scale your WVD to meet your company’s needs and only pay for what you are actually using. Unlike physical servers, expanding Azure’s cloud network capability is as easy as clicking a button.
  • By migrating your out-of-date Windows 7 desktops to Azure WVD, you get three years of additional support. You’ll protect your data and get more time to make the switch to Windows 10.
  • Virtual desktops can be accessed from any connected device, meaning you can use a windows desktop from a Mac, a Chromebook or even an Android phone.
  • Apps load faster in a virtual environment, reducing frustration and wait times, and boosting productivity as a result.

WVD Is Better With Carden IT Services By Your Side

We are experts in both cloud services and Microsoft 365. Carden IT Services is prepared to assist your organisation with the migration to a cloud-hosted desktop environment. We will discuss the vulnerabilities and challenges of your current configuration with you and work with you to ensure that your transition is handled safely and with minimal disruption to your daily operations. The entire migration to a cloud environment can be carried out after hours to avoid any disruptions.

We will provide troubleshooting and guidance, as well as deploy and manage your hosted desktops once your company is up and running on the cloud via Windows Virtual Desktop. We will also include monthly updates about how you are using your cloud resources and suggestions to ensure you’re getting the most out of them. We collaborate with you to ensure that running your company in the cloud not only matches but exceeds your previous experience.

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