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At Carden IT Services, we are dedicated to finding new ways to help our customers cut their IT costs while improving their efficiency and security. One of the most successful and popular technologies we introduce to companies is Hosted Remote Desktops.

Every organization knows what applications and data is essential to their business but depending on their industry they can find themselves requiring more data and services each day than your network has the capacity or storage space to accommodate. This can be remedied by a Hosted Virtual Desktop. This is a virtual machine which is hosted on a server and can then be connected to by multiple users simultaneously.

The benefit of a hosted remote desktop is that it can deploy the full range of its available applications and files from a centralised location to multiple users at once. This saves the time, expense, complexity and risk of duplicating software, folders, files and licences across dozens (if not hundreds) of different users’ machines.

With more employees than ever working remotely, it is important to find new and efficient ways of making sure these staff have access to the application and data they need, when they need it. As the virtual machine is hosted on a server, with permission it can be accessed from any device anywhere in the world. This makes virtual hosted machines the perfect solution to the decentralized workforces that are becoming more common.

Virtual Hosted Desktops Allow You To:

  • Gain access to your applications and documents from any device in any location.
  • Use enterprise software from your personal device without compromising security.
  • Store your data in a centralized, secure location while still allowing decentralized access.
  • Provide software access to ever staff member instantly from a single install.

How Carden IT Services Can Help

  • Providing expert technical support
  • Maximise the uptime of your remote hosted desktops
  • Configuring your software to for optimal performance in a hosted environment.
  • Implementing encryption protocols to keep your data safe
  • Set up, configuration and ongoing upkeep of remote services.

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