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Remote Desktop Services and Virtual Hosted Desktops

At Carden IT Services, we are dedicated to finding new ways to help our customers cut their IT costs while improving their efficiency and security. One of the most successful and popular technologies we introduce to companies is remote desktop services (RDS). These are also known as hosted virtual desktops (HVD).

To put it simply, remote desktop services allow you to control a remote computer or virtual machine through an internet connection. The desktop can be hosted on your premises or (more commonly) be a virtual machine hosted in the cloud. Users can access their remote desktop from any location with an internet connection.

The benefit of a hosted remote desktop is that it can deploy the full range of its available applications and files from a centralized location to multiple users at once. This saves the time, expense, complexity and risk of duplicating software, folders, files and licenses across dozens (if not hundreds) of different users’ machines.

Why Should Your Business Use Remote Desktops?

  • Seamless Desktop Experience
    All the computing happens in the cloud, and end users receive a desktop experience which is almost indistinguishable from a local desktop.
  • Efficiency
    RDS allows users to access and use resource-intensive applications in the cloud which they lack the resources to run locally. This can lower hardware costs by moving more of your processing to the cloud instead of replacing user’s devices.
  • Security
    Using RDS reduces the amount of direct management that users’ devices and applications require. You don’t have to be concerned about your data being exfiltrated from your secure network. We can easily block end users from storing data in unauthorized locations like USB sticks or their local drive. Also, because the data can be backed up and saved in the cloud, it is secure even if the user’s local device is lost or stolen.
  • Works Across Operating Systems
    The device used to access the remote desktop can be running a completely different operating system. This means team members can access a Windows desktop from their iPad, MacBook, or even an Android phone.

The Carden IT Services’ team can help you audit your networks and determine which local devices should be replaced with a remote desktop.

With more employees working remotely than ever before, it is important to find new and efficient ways to make sure these staff have access to the application and data they need, when they need it. As the virtual machine is hosted on a server, it can be accessed from any device anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This makes virtual hosted machines the perfect solution to the decentralized workforces that are becoming more common every day.

Virtual Hosted Desktops Allow You To:

  • Gain access to your applications and documents from any device in any location.
  • Use enterprise software from your personal device without compromising security.
  • Store your data in a centralized, secure location while still allowing decentralized access.
  • Provide software access to every team member instantly from a single installation.

How Carden IT Services Can Help

  • Providing expert technical support
  • Maximize the uptime of your remote hosted desktops
  • Configuring your software to for optimal performance in a hosted environment.
  • Implementing encryption protocols to keep your data safe
  • Set up, configuration and ongoing upkeep of remote services.


How do I enable remote desktop services?

On a Windows 10 machine, you will find the remote desktop settings in the Start menu, under Settings > System > Remote Desktop. However, if you are a Carden IT Services client, we recommend you speak to our team before enabling RDS to ensure that it is set up in the most efficient and secure way for your organization.

What is the most common use for remote desktop services?

The most common use for a remote desktop is to have multiple users connect to the same server. This could be team members working from home and accessing a remote server which is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud. Equally, it could be a physical server at a head office which has employees remotely accessing it from regional offices.

Does my business need to use remote desktop services?

Although there is rarely a ‘need’ to use remote desktop services, there are likely to be elements of your IT system which would be more efficient, more secure, or more cost-effective if delivered remotely.

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