Network Assessment

What We Do

Increase the Efficiency and Security of Your Network With Network Assessment Services

Through our network inspections, we can identify weaknesses in your security before hackers can.

A reliable and secure network is essential for today’s businesses. Inadequate network security could cause considerable harm to your company, and poor network performance could cause you to fall behind the competition.

As part of our managed cybersecurity services, Carden IT Services may do a full network audit to identify potential vulnerabilities and make general recommendations for efficiency and cost-savings improvements.

How We Help

What A Network Assessment Includes

Using the cybersecurity best practises we’ve developed by working with a range of different companies’ networks, we can help you increase performance, strengthen your security, remove risks, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve your capacity to compete.


We take the time to study your company, how you use your network, and what your objectives are for your IT and your network.


We compile our results into a thorough report on its current state and create a roadmap of the necessary modifications in order to reach the level of performance and security required.


From high level components like your cloud services down to specific devices, we thoroughly analyse your network while noting possible upgrade opportunities.


If you wish to improve your network, one of our account managers will liaise between you and our cyber-defence and IT support teams to make the required improvements.

Our Services

Part Of Our Managed Cybersecurity Package

As part of our managed cyber-defence solution, one of the first things we do is a thorough network examination. To safeguard your company’s assets and your data, we use the information we’ve obtained to develop a customised cybersecurity strategy. Speak to our team today and find out more about our cybersecurity services and schedule your network assessment.