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IT Support For Businesses - New York

Reliable IT Support Services
For NYC Businesses Of All Sizes

At Carden IT Services, we provide professional, reliable and proactive IT support. NYC businesses are some of the most technology-reliant organizations in the world and require expert business IT support services in order to stay secure, efficient and competitive.

Businesses are more connected than ever, and no business is too big or too small to be at risk from IT failure. So, whether you’re a start-up in Brooklyn or a corporation in Manhattan, IT support will be vital to your success. Carden’s team of expert IT engineers provide remote IT support via our helpdesk, on-site IT support services from our on premises engineers, proactive cybersecurity defences and IT consultancy. Make the right choice and call Carden IT a leader in IT Support Services for businesses in NYC.

  • Remote IT Support
  • Cybersecurity
  • Managed IT Services
  • IT Consultancy
  • Cloud Computing
  • Disaster Recovery

Why New York Businesses Choose Us

What To Expect From Our
IT Support For Businesses in New York

In-House Team

No subcontracting or outsourcing. Unlike many IT support companies in NYC, our IT professionals are based in-house and our team get to know your business as you get to know them.

You can raise IT queries and monitor their ongoing progress using our online platform as we work to fix them, access paperwork and contracts and display useful explainers on common tech issues.

Great Customer Service

Industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are part of every IT support contract. Whether your IT problem is big or small, we offer an immediate response.

Remote IT Support Service team member

Some businesses do not need a full-time IT professional, but they don’t want to spend time and resources waiting for an engineer to travel to their site and fix it if anything fails or malfunctions. By using the resources of a remote IT support service, businesses will have direct access to an expert IT helpdesk, where dedicated IT engineers can conduct diagnostics and repair software problems remotely.

At Carden IT we pride ourselves in a customer first approach that is why our IT support team in New York’s average ticket resolution time last year was under 15 minutes. That is because a combination of expertise, remote access tools and advanced analytics software can easily repair most IT issues. This keeps the costs to your business down and provides you with direct assistance when you need it. A dedicated New York based on-site IT engineer will be deployed to your site if a problem cannot be fixed remotely.

Constant Remote Monitoring

We Go Above And Beyond

We catch vulnerabilities before they’re a danger, with continuous network monitoring and security alerts.

We don’t just wait for issues or for things to break. We protect and increase the stability of your network proactively.

Our technicians work to continually develop your IT network, increasing its effectiveness and stability.

Never skip an update. With patch management, we ensure all your apps and devices are kept up to date.

Flexible Support

Our Pay-As-You-Go
Support Services

You can hire our IT support services ad-hoc if you require urgent IT assistance and do not have an existing arrangement with Carden IT.


From consumer-level to professional-grade, both hardware and software, we provide expert guidance on a wide range of technologies.

Antivirus updates, firewall repairs, ransomware removal, network scanning and fixes and advanced cybersecurity analytics.

Internet Connections

Sluggish speeds? Connection dropping out? We help to investigate internet connection issues and introduce solutions to address any irregularities.

We can provide new mobile devices and help set them up, connect them to your existing network, secure them and set up any backups.

Small Fixes

Whether on either an individual PC or throughout your network, we can diagnose issues and vulnerabilities and then implement lasting solutions.

Office Moves

If you need help with a one-off task such as an office move, we can map your current IT network and reconstruct it at the new location.

How It Works

You can contact us by calling our helpdesk phone line to register for ad-hoc assistance or you can raise a support ticket using our online portal. One of our support team will be allocated and provide help over the phone or using a remote access tool. These services are charged per minute at a flat rate.

IT Support Contracts

While our ad-hoc services are open to organizations of any scale, we suggest that an ongoing IT services and support contract be considered by any organization that faces persistent IT problems or for whom downtime will critically impact their business.

Worry-Free Services

Not all businesses have the resources or need a support desk for full-time support. For organizations whose IT needs are more intermittent and case-specific, a block hour “Worry Free” plan is ideal. Buy a block of hours up-front and use them as and when your business needs them.

Our case management system records all your allocated support time, ensuring you know exactly how much time is being allocated and on which issues. This data helps you to make more educated decisions about your spend for IT and can help with budgeting more effectively.

Need More Information?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are IT support services and how will they help my New York business?

IT support offers technical help to businesses by solving problems with their technology, improving their network and protecting them from cyber threats. New York businesses that use managed IT support services are usually more efficient, more secure and suffer less downtime. IT support services may be carried out in person by an on-premises engineer or remotely by an IT support helpdesk. IT support services are generally segmented into different line (1st line, 2nd line, etc.) depending on the complexity and urgency of the IT query being handled.

What are the types of IT support?

Remote IT support is delivered over phone, web chat, or using a remote access tool like TeamViewer. On-premises IT support is carried out in person by an engineer. Managed IT services are more comprehensive and involve provisions such as networking and cloud services management as well as the aforementioned break/fix IT support.

Do I get a dedicated support executive?

We can’t speak for other IT support providers, but at Carden IT Services, every one of our clients has their own dedicated IT support manager who liaises between the client and our large team of IT experts. This means that whatever aspect of IT is being dealt with, you always speak to a familiar person, who will then speak with the relevant department (cybersecurity, cloud services, telecoms, etc.)

We currently have team members based outside of New York, will your IT services also cover them?

Yes, the majority of today’s IT services are delivered remotely, either over the phone, via email or using remote access tools. This means we can provide the same great IT services to your team whether they are based in New York City, New York State or the rest of the US.

My business is based just outside of NYC, can you still provide IT services?

Yes, we have previously provided IT support for businesses in the wider New York State area, and many of our NYC-based customers have team members who work remotely in other parts of the country. We can provide the same great IT support in New York and the rest of the US. Read more about our remote IT support here or Speak to our team to learn more.