Cell Phones

Cell Phone Handset Plans

We have great deals on a wide range of devices from top brands like Apple, Samsung, and LG. Bundling your business cell phone, text, and minutes can save you money while also giving you a single point of contact for both your phone bill and tech support. We can procure 5G compatible devices and plans at reasonable prices where they are supported.

In addition to cell phones, we can also source tablets, mobile routers, and other connected devices for your business.

SIM Card Only Packages

We can assist you even if you have already purchased cell phone hardware or operate a “Bring Your Own Device” scheme. We can supply affordable SIM-only phone plans. We offer a range of packages and can create a custom mix of minutes, messages, and data to fit your team’s preferred communication methods.

Mobile Broadband

Perfect for working on the go or for companies operating in temporary locations where installing a permanent phone line would be prohibitively expensive or impossible. There are 3G and 4G mobile broadband dongles available (with 5G editions arriving soon). They are smaller than most phones, accept a regular SIM card, and turn your office into a local WIFI hotspot for you and your employees. They are ideal for:

  • Companies working in temporary locations.
  • Employees working while commuting.
  • Employees working from home or in other remote locations.
  • A business which needs a fallback internet option in case their office WiFi fails.

Mobile broadband systems, on the other hand, are compatible with all SIM cards. A data-only SIM is the most cost-effective option (as the device cannot make calls). Carden IT Services offer low-cost data-only SIMs.

With Carden IT Services’ mobile packages, you can take your company anywhere.

Take your business anywhere with cell phone packages from Carden IT Services

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