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Through its cloud-based suite of office applications, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) has made workplace IT more streamlined. But as Microsoft 365 adds more capabilities and more of your company’s work moves to the cloud, the security of your cloud applications becomes increasingly important.

One of the pillars of safeguarding any network is visibility. It’s impossible to determine whether your network is truly secure unless you have full visibility over all its data and activity. It is now more difficult to always be aware of what is happening within your organization due to the growth of cloud services and remote working. To help combat this, we have been supplying AdminDroid to our cybersecurity clients.

AdminDroid Explained

AdminDroid is software which can report on activity on Microsoft 365.

It provides customers with one, integrated dashboard that enables them to view the status of all the elements of their Microsoft 365 installation in a single place.

While you see some analytics data within Microsoft 365’s admin center, in order to create more in-depth reports, you often need to have some level of PowerShell expertise. AdminDroid is an excellent choice if you are not an expert in PowerShell or simply prefer more graphical reports which are simpler to understand for team members who are not IT professionals.

To protect your data, AdminDroid connects to your Microsoft 365 installation’s API using an SSL-encrypted connection. Once linked, it can start to fill the AdminDroid dashboard with crucial data about how your company is using Office 365 and notify you when there are potential security issues that should be addressed.

It’s critical to keep track of who is connected to your network. You can check which users are connecting by using AdminDroid in conjunction with Azure Active Directory.

The dashboards allow you to see the most important metrics on your Office 365 network in near real time. Each of Office 365’s services (Exchange, Azure, SharePoint, etc.) has its own dashboard. The reports section allows you to build and generate your own specialized reports using a variety of pre-configured modules and filters.

You can view the most crucial network indicators for your Microsoft 365 network in real time using the dashboards. Exchange, Azure, SharePoint, and other Office 365 services each have their own designated dashboard. You can also create and generate your own custom reports using a range of pre-configured modules and filters in the reports section.

How You Can Use Reports In AdminDroid Reports Tell You

Here are some of the ways our team and our clients have used AdminDroid’s reports.

• Track Users

See every user connected to your Microsoft 365 tenant. This includes both active and inactive accounts.

• Admin Reports

Check which users have admin status.

• Email Forwarding Alerts

Get alerted if users are forwarding emails outside of your organization

• 2FA Notification

Get notified if a user switches off their two-factor authentication.

• Sharing Notifications

See which files in SharePoint are being shared, and who they are shared with.

• Login Notifications

See who logs in and where in the world they are connecting from.

• Failed Login Notifications

See when someone is trying to access your resources, even if they are unsuccessful.

These are just some of the ways that AdminDroid lets our cybersecurity team understand how your team is using Microsoft 365, helping us keep your business safe in the process. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are over 1500 different reports available inside AdminDroid plus the ability to create custom reports. We use these reports to uncover vulnerabilities and fix them before cybercriminals get the chance to exploit them.

AdminDroid is just one small part of our comprehensive cybersecurity services. Speak to our cybersecurity experts today If you want to strengthen the security of your Microsoft 365 installation or if you’re considering moving your company’s data to Office 365 and need assistance doing so securely.

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