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Mobile Device Management

When dealing with an array of different employees’ mobile devices, ensuring optimum efficiency while remaining safe and compliant with applicable industry regulation and legislation becomes significantly more complicated.

Carden Telecoms offers a mobile device management service that ensures enhanced security as well as improved performance.

Our mobile device management regime provides seamless communication and the freedom to collaborate and exchange files from a mobile device, from any location without, fear of data corruption, unauthorised access, or interception.

How Carden IT’s Mobile Device Management Services Work

Our team will create a detailed MDM plan that addresses the following issues:

  • Encrypting data (both on device and in transit)
  • An organization-wide secure password policy.
  • Regular security scans
  • Mobile antivirus
  • Limiting applications on employee devices
  • Segmenting work applications and files on personal devices
  • Enforce policies and record keeping around employees adding or removing mobile devices from your network.
  • Protocols for lost or stolen devices (including remotely wiping the devices)

Following the agreement of a mobile device management strategy, a solution that best meets the strategy’s requirements will be found.  We will then work to quickly distribute it through your workforce’s computers, aiming to cause the least amount of disruption to your daily operations.

How Your Business Benefits

1. Work Safely From Any Device, Anywhere In The World

All the employees’ devices will have secure access to the software, files, and resources they need, when they need them.  If necessary, we will advise on and assist in the procurement of standardised devices to help with the transition to a managed mobile landscape.

2. High-Grade Security

All access attempts are governed by network access controls and multi-factor authentication (MFA) and all data is encrypted, keeping all communications confidential and information safe.

3. Easy To Set Up & Manage

Permissions can be easily customised, allowing you to control exactly what data and applications is available and to whom.

4. Device Monitoring

Device use should be monitored, tracked, and documented through your organisation. With our mobile device management plan, devices can be registered, tracked, and, if necessary, remotely locked or wiped in the event of loss or theft.

5. Easy To Use Central Dashboard

A central dashboard controls the configuration of firewalls and the setting of policies for device activity, as well as allowing you to centrally deploy software updates and patches to multiple devices simultaneously.

6. Sandbox Your Data

Many industry regulations require you to keep your employees’ personal information separate from your company’s information.

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